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The achievement of a plan, both small and big measurements, requires the participation of specialists. Our team is composed of skilled people with different competences; it creates innovative ideas and it allows to achieve the excellence of the final result.
The company “Arte Nel Verde”, in order to be distinguished for the quality and continuity of the service, avails of an high skilled staff, regularly employed, with a carrier figures, coming from training.
The staff is constantly instructed and trained on the operation of machines and on the intervention techniques by periodic activity which is carried out inside the company. The employees are instructed on the use of the different safety devices, provided by current sanitary and safety regulations in working places.
“Arte Nel Verde” gives a considerable highlighting to the development of collaborations with experienced professionals. Frequent collaborations start up with specialists such as plant pathologists, landscape painters, certificated arborists, all that in order to better meet the needs of professionalism required by particular workmanship and piece of works.
The firms machines and the equipments in use meet the law regulations and they are rigorously checked, vouchered and maintained every season. The collaborators use exclusively equipments and in accordance with D.lgs 81/08 as it emerges from suitable certifications.
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