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Safety both in the workplace and of its employees is very important to the company “Arte Nel Verde”. Safety in workplaces consists of all those different precautionary and protection measures (organizing and procedural techniques) adopted by the company.  
The company applies all the general measures of safety and health protection of workers in the workplaces, which are:
  • evaluation of all the risks for the health and safety;
  • precautionary planning aimed at a whole that integrates in the prevention, in a consistent way, the productive technical conditions of the company, as well as the influence of environmental and working organization factors.
  • elimination of the risks, and when it is not possible, its minimum reduction with regard to the acquired knowledge according to the technical progress;
  • the compliance with the principles in the organization of the work, in the idea of jobs, in the choice of the equipment and in the definition of work and production methods, in particular in order to reduce the effects on the health of dull and repetitive work;
  • the reduction of the risks at the origin;
  • the substitution of what is dangerous with what it is not, or it is less dangerous;
  • the limitation at minimum of the number of workers which are (or can be) exposed to danger;
  • the limited use of chemical, physical and biological in the workplaces;
  • the priorities for the collective protection measures compared to individual protection;
  • the medical surveillance of workers;
  • the removal of the worker from the exposition to danger for sanitary reasons concerning his person, and, when it is possible, by assigning him the responsibility of another job;
  • information and training suitable for workers;
  • information and training suitable for managers and safety officers;
  • information and training suitable for representatives of workers’ safety;
  • suitable instructions to workers;
  • the participation and consultation of workers;
  • the participation and consultation of representatives of workers’ safety;
  • the planning of appropriate measures in order to guarantee the improvement of the safety levels with the passing of the time, also through the adoption of conduct codes and good practices;
  • the emergency measures to be implemented in case of emergency first aid, of fire fighting, of evacuation of workers, and of immediate and serious danger;
  • the use of warning and security alarms;
  • the regular maintenance of environments, equipments and installations with particular regarding to safety devices in conformity to the instruction of manufactures
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