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Valerio Locatelli designer. Visionary and creative, he bases his fame on his stylistic concepts which can be combined with all that involves the world of plants and flowers –“Green”. His eclectic, discreete and curate taste, his valuable but always comfortable innovative settings, the study of details, the attention to the quality, the continuous experimentation of design, the refinement and the use of natural elements, the respect for the environment press him to make himself known and to win the title of “Green Italian Designer” who has international approvals.
His creativity feeds on variety. With this spirit he dedicated all his training to the study of arts obtaining an art diploma in 1995, in order to continue with his specialization at the Architecture & Design institute of Milan.
Various stimulus and inspirations led him to come into contact with different realities and specialists. In 1998, he was called to deal with the design and the realization of a thematic garden called “the garden for the meditation”, then he began a collaboration with design offices where his identity as a “Designer” became more and more emerging. In 1999, he collaborated, for the prestigious historical head office of the Human Association of Milan, on the realization and design of a thematic garden called “the self-built garden”.
In 2001, at the young age of 24, he set up the company “Arte Nel Verde” which has been specializing, up to nowadays, in design and realization of green areas, within industrial and commercial, of large building complexes, of thematic parks, and a distinctive space will also be given to the care and maintenance of stock of trees through the analysis of ornamental specimen by treatment operations of different formalities such as endotherapic therapies, having collaborations with Italian valuable realities (and not).
The designer Valerio Locatelli tests out new styles, new materials. He tackles the delicate theme of “recycle” creating a personal collection of metal art objects. Objects he uses for his typical installations and which today are required as furnishings elements in limited edition. His talent involves him in different kind of collaborations. From the large industrial spaces to building complexes, passing through the fashion system. Today Valerio Locatelli is synonym of “Green Designer” applied to the hotellerie, to the LTDs, to wedding, to any space which through the designer’s philosophy is revived thanks to the masterly interpretation of a human environment shared with the green.    
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